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Testimonials and quotes

In short, no ‘fake it after you made it’. These testimonials and quotes acknowledge the expertise, support, guidance, cooperation and hard work lent by Watermotion — They sample diverse experiences in consultancy, marketing, outreach and research — They validate the versatility and competency of Watermotion that are real, deliver value, and elicit appreciation

+Job Dronkers | Jobdronkers Advice Coast and Sea, NL

— I have met Giordano several times during the past five years at conferences we both attended
I was from the beginning impressed by his broad knowledge of physical coastal processes and by his fast understanding of complex topics. He has good skills in computational hydrodynamics and morphodynamics, and he is an enthusiastic and hard worker
When Giordano asked me as reviewer for his consultancy work I accepted without hesitation, because I am convinced of the high quality of his work. I will be happy to share my experience with Giordano by providing guidance on his consultancy assignments and to draft an evaluation of his project reports

March 2017
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+Suzanne Hulscher | Professor of water engineering and management • University of Twente, NL

— During the past year we have worked together with Dr. Giordano Lipari (Watermotion) on two MSc-graduation projects at the University of Twente
Both projects, carried out by our MSc-students Koen Reef and Chris Pitzalis, dealt with storm surge modelling in the Wadden Sea. In addition to Dr. Lipari’s external role, the supervision was performed by my colleague Dr. ir. Pieter C. Roos and myself, chairing the graduation committees
The students and, hence, their projects have greatly benefited from Dr. Lipari in several regards: (i) his specific knowledge on storm surges in the Wadden Sea, (ii) his guidance on reporting and (iii) his overall academic skills. Both projects have led to conference contributions and one resulting paper is currently under review
I am more than happy to recommend Dr. Lipari as a knowledgeable and pleasant colleague, and I look forward to future collaborations

March 2017
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+Sander Hulst | Consultant metocean and numerical modelling • BMT Argoss, NL

— Giordano can provide clear code for complex algorithms. We asked him to translate software, relating to tidal harmonic constituents, from Matlab to Python. The requirements were to properly document it and re-formulate it in an object-oriented programming style following our coding standards
Thanks to his development skills and proficiency with programming languages, the new code perfectly substitutes the old one and makes it easy for our staff to launch routine jobs or add new features as the need be. Giordano was willing to think along with us to deliver a product suiting our present and future needs at its best
He is a resourceful and careful programmer and we can recommend him for scientific development projects

Sept 2016
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+Paul F. Linden | Professor emeritus of fluid mechanics • University of Cambridge, UK

— I met Dr Giordano Lipari while he was attending the advanced course ‘Mixing and Dispersion in Flows Dominated by Rotation and Buoyancy‘ held during 6-10 July 2015 at the International Centre for Mechanical Science in Udine, Italy
There I covered the module turbulence and mixing in stratified flows. This covered processes such as mixing in stratified fluids, gravity currents, transition to turbulence in stratified shear flows, turbulent structures at high buoyancy Reynolds numbers and mixing efficiency. These are key in a wide variety of engineering, environmental and geophysical situations
During the course Giordano was notable for his understanding of environmental fluid mechanics, his critical thinking and enthusiasm. He made many thoughtful contributions to the class discussions and I also enjoyed several one-to-one conversations with him
I am confident that Giordano has a deep technical understanding and scholarly profile, and that he will be able to apply this body of knowledge in his research and consultancy activities

July 2016
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+Giovanni Cecconi | Founder • The Venice Resilience Lab, IT

— Communicating who we are is key for developing partnerships, especially in times of uncertainties. Giordano has coached me in reviewing and re-editing my LinkedIn profile and I valued his help a great deal
He quickly gained an overview of key facts and events (out a pretty long career, if I may add) and arranged them in a clear framework. During our side-by-side work, he stayed focussed and effective in eliciting values and strengths out of the track record. He has also showed earnest concern for empowerment by discussing choices, considering options and showing how to improve on the team work independently
I certainly encourage anyone to trust Giordano’s dedication and coaching skills

July 2016
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+François Enet | Project leader • BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics, NL

Giordano helped us build and validate our own coastal flow model of the European waters by providing useful insights into the numerical and physical aspects of the ADCIRC model
His knowledge of the physics helped us set up the right tests, and his involvement in understanding the numerical settings of the model proved essential for our application
By his commitment and availability, Giordano made the interaction with our specialists very efficient and productive. We would strongly recommend Giordano for any similar projects

Nov 2015
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+Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Research Interest Community

June 2015
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+Jos Smits | Managing Director • IMDC nv, BE

— Giordano worked throughout this period on numerical models for coastal engineering projects. We got to know him as a hard and honest worker

May 2013
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+Jacco Groeneweg | Senior researcher in coastal engineering • Deltares, NL

— Giordano gave a substantial input of original work to the studies commissioned by Deltares/Rijkswaterstaat to gain insight into the extreme storm surges of the Wadden Sea, a complex tidal basin in the northern Dutch coast
The effects of time-varying travelling storms on the surge generation in the Wadden Sea was clarified through data analysis and computer simulations. It was concluded that modelling the temporal variations of wind speed and, even more important, wind direction is necessary to predict an important group of extreme surges that could occur
These conclusions were then implemented in the calculations of the Hydraulic Boundary Conditions, originally intended to be used in the assessment round 2011-2017 of the dikes along the Wadden Sea coast

March 2012
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+Marq Redeker | Business development manager • CMD Smith Consult GmbH, DE

— The exchange that I had with Giordano was very productive and I enjoyed his passion and persistence for the topic of CFD and fishways
Giordano was able to explain complex issues around 3D numerical modelling to me in a simple and understandable fashion. I liked the way he was open for new aspects, such as fisheries biology. Giordano has a structured way of working and his English language skills are outstanding

Jan 2012
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+Gerbrant Van Vledder | Owner • Van Vledder Consulting, NL

— Giordano is an intriguing person to work with, with surprising ideas on engineering and scientific issues alike. While solving consultancy problems he focusses his knowledge and stays open to guidance. At the same time he searches for clear-cut standpoints, which often stimulated additional insightful conversations, also extending beyond technical subjects

Dec 2011
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+Hans Veldman | Port and inland waterways consultant • BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics, NL

— Giordano is an enthusiastic flow specialist who is willing to work hard on his tasks
— I have mentored his work while he brought together an international team of specialists from different organisations to tackle the very practical flow problem of the levelling of navigation locks at the highest technical level
As a result of his commitment, he managed to combine the partners’ strengths so that our technical proposal was ranked as the best approach for combining numerical and physical modelling and measuring techniques at a state-of-the-art level

Dec 2011
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Patrick J. Natale | Executive director • ASCE, US

— Our hearty congratulations accompany this certificate, which is the honorarium given by the Society for the >2010 Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize
You may take a full measure of satisfaction in joining the group of distinguished contributors to the profession of civil engineers

May 2010
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+David Hurdle | Technical director • BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics, NL

— Giordano is enthusiastic, hard-working and has a good understanding of the fundamentals of fluid flow. When he came to Alkyon he only had academic experience but since then he has developed his intuition for practical ways to achieve the clients’ requirements

Aug 2009
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+David D. Apsley | Lecturer • University of Manchester, UK

— May I offer my thanks for the help that you gave in the computer cluster this morning. Star CD is a complex piece of software and the students have widely differing computer skills, so I was very grateful for the (very capable) assistance that you gave

May 2005
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