Outreach and knowledge transfer

Outreach and knowledge transfer is one element in Watermotion’s ∧ fourfold track record in • consultancy • marketing • outreach • research


  • knowledge transfer • capacity building • communication • dissemination • fact-based writing • education


  • environmental flows : principles and applications
  • personal branding : career analysis • on-line profiling
  • project progress : internal team communication • stakeholders’ meetings
  • communication skills : public speaking • academic and report writing


  • one-to-one sessions : side-by-side and on-line coaching
  • one-to-many sessions : training and coaching for small groups
  • public speaking : pitches • talks • tutorials • lectures
  • publishing : substantive editing • copy editing • original compositions
  • tangible materials : articles • lecture notes • literature surveys • slideshows • posters

Outreach track record

2018- | Presentation skills and academic publishing

At the Language Centre of the University of Twente, Watermotion contributes its expertise in writing for peer-reviewed journals, technical reports and marketing communication; and in communicating research and project progress at seminars, workshops, conferences. The attendees are doctoral and post-doctoral students wishing to enhance their presentational and writing skill sets. As of August 2021, Watermotion delivered content to 260 international PhD and PDEng candidates

— related ∧ testimonial of A. Valster

2019 | Real vortices and imaginary vortices: from Charybdis and the Maelstrom to today

A dual talk held together with +Prof GertJan van Heijst (Eindhoven University of Technology, Turbulence and Vortex Dynamics Group) at the +Italian Institute for Culture in Amsterdam.
The vast ocean expanses and their incessant movements have been fascinating mankind ever since. Sailing the seas has long meant challenging the unpredictable and putting one’s own life at risk.
The storytelling of seafarers of all times has then formed a collective body of imagination which still shapes the way we think of the ocean. Whirlpools sucking ships into the abysses, like the black holes of the ocean, feature in much outstanding literature across thousands of years.
This talk, given in English to a general audience, guided their intuition on vortices in seas and estuaries by blending mythology, literature, science and technology, starting off from the verses of poets, and showing real-world events, laboratory experiments, satellite imagery and computer-based reconstructions.

2018 | Water in beweging (Water in motion)

A 1.5 hour long visual journey on the hydrodynamics on Earth and in the environment for the layperson. Talk presented in Dutch at the public library of Zwolle, the +Stadkamer, in the framework of the yearly Week of the Books (Boekenweek) having nature as a focus topic. The exposition consisted of pictures and videos from personal and public sources hinting at the principles of fluid flows, their manifestations in nature, and their interplay with human ambitions. The aim was to foster a sound intuition of the regularities and peculiarities of fluid flow by watching the material selected both aesthetically and critically

— related ∧ testimonial of G. van der Waal

2017 | ↓ Time-dependent linearized friction: a development on Lorentz’ energy arguments

Appointment as external supervisor at the +University of Twente. It concerned an MSc research on building fast network-based models for complex tidal basins, such as the +Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. Co-mentor, advisor and reviewer of Mr Chris Pitzalis who performed the study. Presented at the +4th International Symposium on Shallow Flows

— related ∧ testimonial of S. Hulscher
— see also < track records | research and development

2016 | ↓ Not just storm barriers. Nature-based experiences in Venice at a glance

A collaborative project with +the Venice Resilience Lab. A joint talk has been prepared for the audience in the congress +The Sand Engine: Five Years of Building with Nature, The Hague. It offered an informed bird’s eye view of 30 years of nature-based studies and interventions in the Lagoon of Venice, a +UNESCO World Heritage site. These aimed at restoring a resilient habitat in the aftermath of the storm tide of 1966. With the permission of the information owner, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports — The Public Works Department of the Triveneto Area | The heading links to the article and presentation

2016 | ↓ Extending Lorentz’s network model for the Dutch Wadden Sea

Appointment as external supervisor at the +University of Twente. It concerned an MSc research on storm-surge modelling in the +Wadden Sea, the basin in the southern fringes of the North Sea. The project revisited and expanded on the ground-breaking numerical methods developed by Nobel laureate +H.A. Lorentz in the 1920’s prior to the +impoundment of the Zuiderzee, an embayment in the Wadden Sea, by means of the +Afsluitdijk. Co-mentor, advisor and reviewer of Mr Koen Reef who performed the study. The results have been presented at the +Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas Conference in Scheveningen, NL, and published as ↓ peer-reviewed article in Ocean Dynamics (2018)

— related ∧ testimonial of S. Hulscher
— see also ∨ knowledge base | awards and publications

2016- | Building with culture

Building with Culture is a long-term project and vision. It advocates the enhancement bestowed by +soft skills on the analytical and execution skills of practitioners and scholars in +Civil Engineering, and not solely. Learned barriers may force people to limit the outreach of one’s own notions, ideas and choices. Hence, Building with Culture aims to encourage a +versatility shift by dispelling the false economies and true hindrances caused by those. It is argued that training versatility is a +desirable difficulty to overcome and an investment whose accruing returns deserve high consideration | The concept is freely inspired by the several articulations of the engineering approach +Building with Nature | Examples of it are the talk From Academic knowledge to tradeable knowledge, held at the universities of Eindhoven and Manchester in 2016, and lay expositions like this short article on >supersurges and superstorms

2015- | Unlocking the LinkedIn® potential for career development

Watermotion provides bespoke guidance to private customers in order to enhance their profiling on LinkedIn and leverage the attention within the existing network optimally. The aim is to make the professional assets and promises shine convincingly through the text. The focus is on helping the learner rephrase his/her experiential capital and +empower him/her in the development of an own +style. Self-reliance is encouraged by stimulating realisation and inviting application. This approach combines several sources of inspiration on public relations, business environments, personnel recruitment and personal development

— related ∧ testimonial of G. Cecconi

2014 | Introduction to tidal hydrodynamics

A 7-hour course for master students in Civil Engineering, given as a guest lecturer at the University of Palermo, IT. It covered learning objectives such as the +tide-generating forces, astronomical and shallow-water constituents, +long-wave celerity and tidal streams, constraints from bathymetry and boundaries. It included hands-on exercises with harmonic constituents and measurements. The workload corresponded to 1 ECTS unit

2011 | Risk-based coastal protection in the Netherlands

This study is an overview of how the Netherlands protect themselves from coastal flooding since the +North Sea flood of 1953. It focused on the development of risk-based approach to flood protection through the +VNK/VNK2 programmes led by Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch agency for public works and water management. The client’s visit to the VNK office was a part of this project | A project conducted at Arcadis Netherlands

2011 | ↓ Underwater sound propagation from seismic surveys in the Dutch continental shelf

Sound waves generated with +air guns trailed by ships are used for offshore gas and oil surveys. A review study commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat North Sea included contributions of GL concerning the abridged presentation of the principles of +sound propagation in water, the different processes attending it, the interaction of sound waves with +seabed sediments and with the water surface, and their decay in shallow waters such as those of the North Sea | A project conducted at Arcadis Netherlands | The heading links to the report (in Dutch)

2005, 2006 | Tutorials in computational fluid dynamics

Student support was provided for the hands-on assignments with the +CFD software tool StarCCM, within the course in Computational Fluid Dynamics at the +School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering in Manchester

— related ∧ testimonial of D.D. Apsley

2004 | Computer models. On model and code choice

This lecture was held within the short course on the hydraulics in +waste-water treatment plans, +sea outfalls and subsequent dilution processes, held at the 3rd International Conference on Marine Waste Water Discharges. It provided guidance for an informed choice of the +turbulence models available to reproduce the effluent mixing

1999 – 2003 | Environmental hydraulics | Assistant lecturer

Teaching and examination assistantship at the University of Palermo for the courses in Environmental Hydraulics (Prof E. Napoli 2001-2002, Prof G. Curto 2000-2001), +Hydraulics (Prof G. Bonvissuto, 1999-2000). This included office hours and the preparation of tutorial assignments and of lectures notes,  resulting in the course textbook (ISBN 88-7740-385-3, out-of-print)

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