Marketing and promotion

Marketing and promotion is one element in Watermotion’s ∧ fourfold track record in • consultancy • marketing • outreach • research

Key activities

  • promotion • networking • commercial match-making • communication • bidding

Outcomes and actions

  • submittal for international tenders (worth €500k+)
  • conception • translation and collation • supervision of financial and administrative specifications • contributions to technical bid requirements
  • promotional infographic material
  • design of visual identity • staff interviews • content creation
  • lining-up of international teams for international tenders (worth €500k+)
  • prospect scouting • due diligence • statements of intent • liaison meetings
  • business travel for fairs, trade mission, liaison meetings abroad
  • b2b/b2g match-making • organization of and participation in missions

Market-oriented track record

2016 | +Netherlands-Italian dialogue and matchmaking event water

Watermotion took part in the Dutch trade mission to Italy to promote closer collaboration between the two countries on water-related governance and business opportunities. This 1.5 day event was organized by Netherlands Water Partnership and, on the Italian side, by OICE and ANCE. Hosted by the Dutch Ambassador in Rome, it featured both spontaneous and matched dialogues of B2B/B2G type. Watermotion was the only one-man company in the Dutch delegation | The heading links to the NWP press release (in Dutch)

2011 | Joint international bid for the preliminary experimental and numerical studies for a river lock tender

Our 4-strong team ranked the best as to technical content. The activities of GL consisted of short-listing the team candidates among universities, research institutes and companies; organizing the meetings and the visit at the client’s premises; coordinating the writing of the technical and administrative bid in French; co-supervising the financial part; curating the external technical contributions and providing the in-house one | A project conducted at Arcadis Netherlands

— related ∧ testimonial of J.J. Veldman

2011 | Joint international bid of Dutch and Italian consultancies for a harbour tender

The activities consisted in facilitating the negotiations to reach the statement of intent by framing threats and opportunities for a joint participation; writing and translating the Dutch partners’ technical documentation into Italian, the tender language; and coordinating the communication with the Italian team leader during the collation of the bid documentation | A project conducted at Arcadis Netherlands

2010 | Business trip for an international Dutch consultancy in the Italian market

In order to explore business opportunities in Italy, the following tasks were undertaken: gathering and extending the contact list; preparing the ad-hoc commercial slideshow based on staff interviews; planning and participating in a trip in Italy (3 days, 3 cities, 6 appointments, including a showcase to Italian companies at the Dutch Embassy in Rome); organizing teleconferences with corresponding advice groups in Italy and managing follow-up contacts | A project conducted at Arcadis Netherlands

2007 | Promotion of a small Italian enterprise in the British market (hiking and biking tours)

This collaborative project with +Siciclando entailed extending and updating the English web pages and the contact list, calling and e-mailing British tour operators, preparing the commercial slideshow and meeting prospects in a visit at the +World Travel Market 2007 in London. As a result five companies added Siciclando’s tours in their catalogues

 More track records

∧ portfolio pathfinder — the overview of the track record
∨ case studies — investigations of location-specific flows
∨ outreach — capacity building and knowledge transfer
∨ research and development — academic and contracted research, software development

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