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The expertise of Watermotion has already addressed various degrees of complexity in as diverse applications as • engineering and environmental design • capacity and team building • research investigations

First off, sound general knowledge is essential to understand specifics, and interpret incomplete and uncertain data — Moreover, in assignments well-argued outcomes must be provided within limited time — Finally, applying competencies to questions and problems puts to the test the abilities to decide, select, integrate, switch, deliver and explain

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The track records

The descriptions of some 30 representative projects/activities are grouped into four factsheets

∨ case studies
concerning either large- or small-scale flow situations in • seas • estuaries • rivers • lakes — These have been investigated by means of • computer simulations • data analysis • literature reviews
∨ marketing
including  • the organization of, and participation in, journeys for business promotion • coordination of bids for international tenders • participation in fairs and economic missions • linking people, needs and opportunities
∨ outreach and knowledge transfer
including  • education • dissemination • coaching • capacity building • knowledge transfer in general
∨ research and development
including  • academic and contracted research • quantitative accuracy assessments • scoping studies • software development for scientific computing

There, the headings in each project description link to project outcomes when these are publicly available on-line — Also, several in-line links to external references invite the novice for an accessible and rich reading experience — Naturally, several projects contributing to the current expertise have been conducted by GL during previous employments; this is acknowledged in the descriptions as applicable

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The readings, courses, visits and the learning experiences that are the lifeblood of lifelong development (hence of competency) are on display +@hydrodynamics — The tweets refer only to concluded events, by the way of jottings in an open logbook — An excerpt of the timeline is embedded in these web pages

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