Whether for entertaining human relationships, for dealing with documents or for instructing computers correctly, linguistic proficiency is key at Watermotion

The attention for a broad literacy and numeracy base at Watermotion is driven by willingness to enter into dialogue with people and cultures by exchanging meaningful information — Computer-savviness is essential to harness the assistance of machines in tackling large, complex and repetitive tasks efficiently and correctly — Only well-thought and well-rendered messages can stimulate appreciation, evaluation and decisions about the fascinating intricacies of the flowing environment

Many of these skills are certified by leading educational institutions in the field

Among humans

Striving for fluency in many natural languages is a powerful brain gymnastics that trains interpretation, critical thinking as well as sensitivity for nuances, constraints and irregularities

— related : the >common European framework of reference for languages (PDF file)

Italian   mother tongue

Dutch   full professional proficiency

evaluation   listening B2 • reading C1 • speaking interaction C1 • speaking production C1 •· writing B2
certificate   Staatsexamens Nederlands als Tweede Taal, Programma II, 2012

English   full professional proficiency

evaluation  listening C2 • reading C2 • speaking interaction C2 • speaking production C2 · writing C2
certificate   TOEFL – Test of English as Foreign Language, 2001 • TWE – Test of Written English, 2001

French   partial professional proficiency

evaluation   listening A1 • reading C1 • speaking interaction A1 • speaking production A1 • writing A1

For computers

Artificial languages instruct computers to aid with intensive and complex tasks by breaking them into interrelated manageable jobs. So machines expand and complement human creativity and insights  — You might well compare a properly-instructed computer to a musical instrument making all desired sounds on key

Operating systems

Linux : >MOOC certificate (The Linux Foundation)
Microsoft Windows

Development languages

Python : >MOOC certificate (MIT)

Data analysis

R : >MOOC certificate (Karolinska Instituet), >MOOC (MIT)
GIS software : >MOOC certificate (ESRI)

— related  >competencies | lifelong learning

More competencies

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Last edited May 2017 · authored by Giordano Lipari