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Disclosing the past developments is a tenet of mature expertise

Watermotion’s mission and ∧ solutions are backed by an international career in university and business, and by a continuing professional growth — Competency, integrity, serendipity and sagacity have been the lodestars of this path, relentlessly transforming the unfamiliar into the familiar


Academic experience    University of Palermo, IT (PhD/RA, 4 years) • Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, DE (visitor, 6 months) • University of Manchester, UK (post-doc, 3 years; visiting researcher, 7 years) • University for Economics and Technology of Budapest, HU (visitor, 4 months) • Delft University of Technology, NL (visiting researcher, 10 months; post-doc, 2.5 years)

Market-related experience   Siciclando Active Holidays, IT • Arcadis, NL

Consultancy experience   Alkyon Hydraulic Consultancy & Research, NL • Arcadis, NL • IMDC, BE

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PhD dissertation   An approach to numerical prediction of three-dimensional motion fields in natural water bodies • Tutor Prof G. Curto • University Federico II of Naples, IT • 2003

5-year degree   Civil engineering, hydraulics • University of Palermo, IT • 1998

Fundamental subjects    Calculus I and II • Chemistry • Physics I and II • Geometry (Linear algebra) • Graphics • Rational mechanics • Fundamentals of computer science • Statistics and theory of probability
General civil engineering subjects    Building engineering • Power engineering • Applied thermodynamics and machines • Structural mechanics • Materials engineering and applied chemistry • Soil mechanics • Design of concrete structures • Surveying • Foundations
Water-related majors    Hydraulics I and II • Hydraulic engineering • Applied ecology to engineering • Sanitary and environmental engineering • Water-supply and sewerage systems • Environmental analysis and assessment
Miscellaneous topical areas    Economics and estimate for civil engineers • Applied economics for engineers • History of art

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The long read (600 words)

Watermotion is a project of Giordano Lipari’s

He gained his PhD with a thesis to develop certain appropriate computer-friendly calculations to reproduce the fully three-dimensional motion of water with a free surface — Thus, a water that moves forward and backward, right and left, up and down, and with a top that tilts and sloshes

Previously, he had completed a degree in civil engineering with focus on hydraulics and hydraulic engineering. Beside those subjects, the plan of study provided a strong base in physics, calculus, algebra, statistics and chemistry, important building blocks in structural and geotechnical engineering and, among others, introductions to applied economy and applied ecology

Working as employed or visiting researcher at the universities of Palermo, Manchester, Karlsruhe and Budapest for half a decade honed his analytical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as well as the appreciation of different national cultures and customs. There were planned and impromptu collaborations, some of which fostered connections lasting to date. The applications mostly regarded the justification, development and implementation of computer-assisted calculations. Their aim was to unravel and predict the motion of water in the environment — namely wind-driven flows, jet flows, dispersal by turbulent mixing

In terms of investigational approach, a notable emphasis was placed on validation and verification of computer models — that is: making sure these models do the right thing (the physics is right) and, distinctly, that they do it right (the maths is right). Also, being assistant lecturer and examiner for three academic years stimulated a disciplined creativity, driven by the aim of making complex topics amenable to the novice’s curiosity

Combining analytical focus and exploratory attitudes stood him in good stead. An attempt to lend his soft skills for the promotion abroad of hiking and biking tours succeeded well. This was for a small Italian enterprise, Siciclando. This stint seemingly unrelated to water encouraged him to embrace a change of scenery and move towards consultancy and short-duration research assignments

The dual stage of this leap into consultancy has been the Netherlands and Belgium. Not only are these lands rich in the sheer asset ‘water’ but also, and not trivially, they are so in data, information, expertises, approaches, visions, stakeholders, all revolving around water

The projects in this period mostly dealt with questions from coastal, harbour, river and environmental engineering. The involvement in consultancy entailed the exposure to a host of concrete water-related questions arising from a complex natural and societal context. Most importantly, they opened a view on the extent to which water is not just mass moving in fancy ways (as an ‘arid’ fluid mechanist would have been inclined to interpret it). Rather: water is also a cradle for life, a nursery for food, a treat for recreants, a threat for property, a means of transport, a dispenser and disperser of heat, an asset to manage, and so on and so forth. A world of different interpretations

In the context of consultancy firms, undertaking market-related initiatives was the natural continuation of the organizational and communication skills developed that far. In the new context, this tack of activities took the form of promotional journeys and of active participations in international tenders, where topical competencies and trust-building are just as vital

Currently, these braided experiences in consultancy, research, knowledge transfer, and marketing are the raison d’être of Watermotion and of its mission — advancing understanding, clarifying targets, devising solutions, enriching skills — under the unifying theme of the flowing environment. This website illustrates the strengths and motivation of the Watermotion project through the main pages

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