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Why competencies

In short, no ‘fake it before you make it’. Whether for a case study, for a course, for a tender bid or for product development, all services of Watermotion stand on a base of competencies that is well proven and up to date — A mature expertise deploys the relevant knowledge, the attending capabilities, and the blend of execution and soft skills that suit each objective

The bundle of diverse capabilities and skills makes it possible to provide specialist knowledge in a way accessible to challenge-owners, politicians, activists, financiers, as well as to fellow scholars and practitioners

Also, thanks to this broad baseline of competencies, engaging in multidisciplinary projects is fast and effective — It brings fresh and reasoned perspectives, and maximizes the mutual returns one expects from committed cooperation

Which competencies (pathfinder)

The thorough understanding of geophysical, environmental and engineering flows is a long-standing asset of Watermotion — This has grown over the years thanks to a genuine passion for water engineering and science — This has also been cemented by keen interest in expressions and renderings most appropriate to the message

The knowledge of Watermotion rest on four building blocks, like a house standing on four walls. These are paged into the following factsheets

education and career ∨ — from civil engineering to civilised engineering
linguistic and computing proficiency ∨ — languages for people and for computers
committed lifelong learning ∨ — MOOCs • advanced courses • congresses
awards and publications ∨ — award-winning articles in peer-reviewed journals • contributions to conference proceedings • posters • infographics

For the purpose and relevance of these competencies, please visit the other main pages

home > — the purpose and solutions of Watermotion
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they wrote > — the testimonials and quotes

Why Watermotion

Relentlessly, Watermotion has been honing an extensive range of topical and ancillary competencies, which makes it a unique player in the consultants’ arena — see the factsheets education and career ∨and awards and publications ∨.

Thanks to its varied professional development, Watermotion is well-oriented in both academy and consultancy, and stays tuned in with relevant trends and developments — see the factsheet lifelong learning ∨

The library of Watermotion counts some seventy textbooks, a solid grounding in the established knowledge. This enables the top-down view on special aspects and the swift criss-crossing over topics and work areas

Finally, the linguistic, computing and presentational proficiencies accrued over time are the mortar for cementing the deliverables of Watermotion into a consistent and accessible whole — see the factsheet language and computing ∨

Advance • clarify • devise • enrich

Competencies are the bridge between skills, capabilities and knowledge — They help dialogue, connect, retrieve, imagine. Hence, the answers can follow questions, the solutions can follow problems, and decisions can follow uncertainties — So competencies are the enablers of the fourfold mission of Watermotion

— advancing understanding
— clarifying targets
— devising solutions
— enriching skills

More concretely, they are essential to

• guide the choice of the resources appropriate for the purpose in sight
• help compose a simpler, yet pertinent, description of complicated situations
• make difficult problems understandable and tractable
• direct understanding and action towards the desired achievements

Well-rendered solutions > can stimulate appreciation, evaluation and decisions about the fascinating intricacies of the flowing environment


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Extra · the fine texture on twitter

The readings, courses, visits and the learning experiences that are the lifeblood of lifelong development (hence of competency) are on display @hydrodynamics + — The tweets refer only to concluded events, by the way of jottings in an open logbook — An excerpt of the timeline is embedded in these web pages

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authored by Giordano Lipari · last edit January 2020

credits the still of the Kuroshio current is of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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