The environment flows

Earthrise. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Watermotion and/or Waterbeweging

Watermotion offers expertise on and around water flow in the built and natural environments

Water motion in our environs naturally ranges from small to huge, and embraces

• the human ambitions, needs, works and operations interacting with it
• its interplay with atmosphere, weather, climate
• its role as a carrier of matter, energy, life
• its shaping power on the solid Earth

Hence the motion of water poses puzzling questions to institutions, consultancies, contractors, civil-society organizations, communities and individuals alike

Watermotion helps you • interpret rich data • distil relevant information • foster wise decisions that have an engineering, environmental or geophysical basis

Consultancy · marketing · outreach · research

The versatile >success portfolio, accrued internationally since 1999, rests on four cornerstones

• consultancy
• marketing
• outreach and knowledge transfer
• research and development

The command over principles, methodologies and tools has already enabled Watermotion: — to unravel as diverse flow situations as those occurring in • lakes • rivers • estuaries • seas • navigational locks • fish passages — to publish on turbulence, on numerical methods, and on simulations of environmental flows — and to significantly contribute to economic missions as well as to call for tenders

A unique >blend of competencies vouches for

• a broad knowledge base
• sensitivity to context and towards sensitivities
• proven resourcefulness
• the ability of implementing specific and well-founded solutions

The >testimonials validate Watermotion’s long-standing record of tackling new challenges seriously and successfully — In short, no need to ‘fake it until you make it’

Solutions · answers

In line with its unique fourfold >track record in • consultancy • marketing • outreach and knowledge transfer • research and development, the solutions of Watermotion consist of or combine

• computer simulations
• data interpretation
• case studies
• literature reviews
• scoping studies
• quality assurance
• second opinions
• scientific and fact-based writing
• software development
• dissemination and commercial promotion
• coaching and capacity building
• support for international teamwork

The breadth and depth of investigations are gauged carefully to address their objectives appropriately and adequately

Watermotion knows how to match your quest for an answer — The >testimonials attest the quality and efficacy consistently brought about by Watermotion thanks to its >knowledge, capabilities and skills

Cooperation · guidance · hard work · support

Watermotion plays the role that best corresponds to your needs, like

• expert partner
• coach
• interim workforce
• troubleshooter

Watermotion in action means the determination to make appreciation, evaluation and decision possible for complex and extensive topics — The >testimonials and accolades underline the value of the solutions delivered by Watermotion in any of its work roles

Rigorous thinking, industriousness and inventiveness are readily available resources to rely on. Thanks to the services and versatility of Watermotion, a host of benefits come within reach — Among these

• accessing pre-emptive advice • leveraging problem-solving skills
• dispelling false economies • gaining edge by qualitative and/or quantitative definitions
• empowerment by learning • raising the eyesight over perceived barriers
• recognizing uncertainties • relieving criticalities
• facilitating communication and collaboration

In summary, the added value of your choice can be reaped in the form of • cooperation  • guidance • hard work • support

Contact · more (again)

Let Watermotion know of your interests and suggestions with the contact form

More information in this web space is arranged in

this page again — for the vision, solutions and services of Watermotion
< competencies — for the knowledge base, capabilities and skills
< portfolio — for the track records
< they wrote — for the testimonials and accolades


The Earthrise picture is of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
See the +source webpage for a fuller enjoyment and the licensing terms

Behind the logo

Watermotion’s logo is a QR-like pattern of 17×17 pixels that sketches the richness of the Earth’s surface and the ubiquity of water. In itself, the logo is no QR-encoding

The bright-blue squares represent the atmosphere — The yellow squares are the sun — The green squares represent the natural (dry) environment — The red squares represent the built environment, like cities and factories

Then, the dark-blue drawings between the quadrants signify water in its many forms
• Between the red buildings and the yellow sun, in the right-hand gap, a level line hints at calm water. A 2-pixel-wide bay represents a harbour to the city
• Between sun and air, in the upper gap, evaporation and precipitation cycle water upwards and downwards
• Between air and land, in the left-hand gap, the water swells by the wind and waves
• In the lower gap, a river running from the land supplies the city with freshwater, and flows out into the sea
• The black pixels in the lower right signify polluted water. Alas, it spreads out from the city and creeps into the land and sea

Finally, the colour shading of each quadrant conveys some notions important for the flowing environment
• The shades of yellow remind of the radiating energy of the sun; we owe the Earth’s climate to it
• Outward paler shades of blue suggest the thinning of expanding air, and hint at the presence of randomness and entropy
• The outer darker green nurtures a lighter shade inside, in the same way as life enables growth by protection
• The darker shade of red encasing a brighter core reminds of the contained combustion of hearths and engines, hence of design and control

A creation of Giordano Lipari for Waterbeweging | Watermotion, 2014

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