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The environment flows

Watermotion purveys expertise on and around water flow in the built and natural environments
This expertise is driven by the passion for fluid motion at all scales, from the little whirls up to planet-wide currents
Importantly, the focus on water motion naturally embraces

  • its interaction with human ambitions, needs, works and operations
  • the interplay with atmosphere, weather and climate
  • the role of water as a carrier of matter, energy and life
  • its shaping power on the solid Earth

Thus, the motion of water in our environs poses puzzling questions to institutions, consultancies, contractors, focus groups, organizations, and individuals
There, Watermotion helps interpret rich data, distil relevant information and foster wise decisions with a technical, environmental or geophysical relevance

Watermotion and|or Waterbeweging

Watermotion is a one-man consultancy firm registered in the Netherlands (company info in the footer)
A versatile success portfolio has been accrued internationally since 1999 — This is detailed in the facts pages on >education and career

The cornerstones of the >portfolio and services are

  • consultancy
  • marketing
  • outreach and knowledge transfer
  • research and development

Such a unique >blend of competencies vouches for · a broad knowledge base · sensitivity to context and sensitivities · proven resourcefulness · the ability of implementing specific and rigorous solutions — Refer to the >testimonials for a sample of accolades


The existing experience is a bridgehead for new achievements, as has always been
So, in line with its unique >track record, the services of Watermotion can be as diverse as

  • computer simulations
  • data analysis
  • literature studies
  • scoping studies
  • second opinions
  • dissemination and commercial promotion
  • coaching and capacity building
  • support for international teamwork

The >testimonials validate a long-standing record of tackling new challenges successfully, and of professional growth with competency, integrity, serendipity and sagacity — All services developed by Watermotion are driven by the determination to make complex topics amenable to appreciation, evaluation and decision

It’s up to Watermotion to match your quest for an answer — The breadth and depth of the investigations are always carefully gauged to address the objectives appropriately and adequately
Besides, we can develop new and old ideas together

Advance · clarify · devise · enrich

Watermotion works in the space between people, books, computers and data. The mission of Watermotion is to

  • advance understanding
  • clarify targets
  • devise solutions
  • enrich skills

Cooperation · guidance · hard work · support

It’s up to Watermotion to play the role that best suits your needs — Watermotion can work as expert partner, troubleshooting support, interim workforce and/or coach
When taking the form of projects, its mission brings a host of benefits within reach — Their added value can be reaped in the form of cooperation, guidance, hard work, support

Among those benefits:

  • accessing pre-emptive advice · leveraging problem-solving skills · dispelling false economies ·
  • gaining edge by qualitative and/or quantitative definition · empowerment by learning · raising the eyesight over perceived barriers ·
  • recognizing uncertainties · relieving criticalities · facilitating communication and collaboration

The >testimonials confirm the quality brought about thanks the >capabilities and skills of Watermotion in as >diverse settings as consultancy to marketing, knowledge transfer, and research and development


This website gives you access to four cross-linked thematic pages about Watermotion

  • this one : an introduction to the mission and services
  • > competencies : the bundle of skills and capabilities backing up its ambition
  • > portfolio : a selection of some thirty projects and activities from the track record
  • > they wrote : the testimonials and quotes by clients and co-workers

To locate this web site, you may also bookmark any of >www.watermotion.eu >www.waterbeweging.be >www.waterbeweging.nl >www.vandbevaegelse.dk

Feedback · credits

A feedback on your viewing experience with this website is invaluable to Watermotion
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